Kicked In The Can

I got canned yesterday.

Not exactly Dooced, as in being fired for talking about your job on your website, but I'd like to claim that I was Dooced just the same just so that maybe I can garner the same fame and fortune as Dooce has.

It's a thought.

So, I got canned for taking a vacation. Of course, that's not what they told me when they handed me the paper, but that's the truth of it. There is no other explanation, despite their proclamation that I "wasn't a good fit", whatever that means. They couldn't give me specifics or examples. Just a lot of platitudes and generalized statements, which, of course, could mean just about anything under the sun, including perhaps that I don't wipe my bum properly, or maybe because my sweater had a bit too much lint on it for their liking. Oh, I know what it must have been. The cream cheese in-between my two front teeth after having lox and cream cheese on a bagel for lunch on Monday.

Either way, I'm unemployed again, and am trying hard not to feel too badly about it, because that would just be the wrong thing to do, for so many reasons. First off, I hated the job. No, not the job. I hated the place of employment. There, I've said it. They were by far the worst employer I have ever had the displeasure of working for. Totally disorganized, saying one thing and doing something completely different, giving their employees unfathomable amounts of work, and expecting the world, but giving nothing in return. No matter which way I looked at it, and no matter how often I tried to convince myself that this was a great place to work, it obviously was anything but that, and now I can just accept it and start moving on. I guess it helps that I doubled my dose of anti-depressants recently, and am now on a dosage large enough to quell even the fear of a largish depressed elephant.

All in all, I'm glad to be out of there, but it would have been nice had it been my choice. As well, it would have been nice if they had treated me with the respect I had given them from the start, and were upfront with me. I don't ask a lot.

Anyway, it's back to the drawing board for me. Back to trying to find a job, any job, to make some money while I look for something that actually appeals to me. Quite depressing, I suppose, except that I can't deny that I feel a certain freedom from not having to get up in the morning knowing I have to yet again go into that hell hole of despair they call an office. And, I will admit that I am smiling a little inside because there is still some summertime left, and maybe I'll actually get to spend some of it with my kids before they're off to school again next month.

Updates will certainly follow. Stay tuned!


Martha H. said…
Bummer! I'm so sorry. I hope something more satisfactory comes along soon. Good luck!
Jane! said…
Good luck to you! I hope you find a 'better fit'. Ha!
That sucks-- I'm sorry. I hope you get some R&R before getting back out there.
enjoy your time with your kids...and Ill be keeping my fingers crossed that something you actually like comes along!!! (HUGZ)
Yaya said…
I'm sorry. :(

Good luck as you embark on your next journey.
Southern Sage said…
Well that sucks but at least you don't have to a job you hate!
Jules said…
That sucks!!!! I hope you find something you enjoy and soon!!
I am so sorry for your loss of job, but don't give up, as the old adadge says" One door shuts another opens" perhaps a better job. Good luck.

ReformingGeek said…
It is really bad to have to go to a job/place you hate. I'm sure you will find something that is better when the time is right!
Good Gracious! Write a BOOK already! It's a job you love and you're a perfect fit! I'll even volunteer to go on your book tours with you and be the girl that keeps the lines of screaming fans in order!
♥Trina♥ said…
Hey! Glad to see you're back, but I hate to hear the news. Sometimes being fired is a blessing in disguise. Their loss is someone else's gain!
"As well, it would have been nice if they had treated me with the respect I had given them from the start, and were upfront with me."

To hell with them. Enjoy the time with your kids while you have it. There will be another job.
Gaston Studio said…
It's bad enough to be sacked because the company is having financial difficulties in these times, but this is just wrong.
April Jarocka said…
Sorry to hear that bit of news Mary, but hey. By the sound of things, you're due better things. R&R Definitely.
April Jarocka said…
Sorry to hear that bit of news Mary, but hey. By the sound of things, you're due better things. R&R Definitely.
Lauren said…
We've all be fired. They always say it's about us but in truth it's usually about them. Know who you are, know your value and move on to the place that will too. Best of luck
Debbie said…
I am so sorry to hear about the job. It does sound like you are better off without them. I hope you find something wonderful very soon.
pam said…
I am a firm believer in (and you may want to kick me after I say it) that everything happens for a reason.

Good luck, job hunting! And you will be better off being out of that environment!
Damn, Mary, you sound like you were working for a Biotech or something. That's exactly how my first job sounded. Trust me, if it's anything like my first job, you'll be glad you got out.
Omigosh--sorry to hear that. If you want to say you were dooced then by all means say it.


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