Who What Where Why and How?

Me: What is the longest time you've worn the same clothing?
Mr. Handsome: What do you mean, the same clothing?
Me: I mean, the SAME CLOTHING, as in, clothes that are the same.
Mr. Handsome: All my clothing? Does that include everything?
Me: Yes, it does, dear.
Mr. Handsome: Underwear? Are we talking underwear as well?
Me: YES, we are.
Mr. Handsome: And where?
Me: Where what?
Mr. Handsome: Where would this clothing have been worn?
Me: It doesn't matter.
Mr. Handsome: Well, it does.
Me: No, it doesn't. It really is just a simple question.
Mr. Handsome: Three days. I'd say three days. Yup, three days.
Me: I'd say four for me. HA, I beat you!
Mr. Handsome: (looking at me suspiciously) You're not going to put this on your blog, are you?
Me: No, of course not.


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