Different Similarities

It's a wonder Mr. Handsome and I have been together this long (21 years and counting).

After all, I love perogies and regular ruffle potato chips WITHOUT any dip, going out for tea and dessert in the Market (I could do that pretty much every day if I had the money and time), writing and drawing, helping people, being with my friends, making new friends, and the Bee Gees, as well as about a thousand other musicians and types of music.

Mr. Handsome, on the other hand, hates perogies (they're gross, apparently), finds that regular ruffle potato chips have no taste whatsoever, says going out for dessert in the Market is a total bore and a waste of money, doesn't believe he can write, and we all know he can't draw (unless you're talking stick men, and even then...), he likes to be by himself, and he loves the Moody Blues and nothing else. Well, maybe Neil Diamond. Maybe.

I wanted at least two children, he could have lived quite happily without any (although I know he's really glad we have the two rugrats, well, at least most days). I love Jim Carrey movies (I don't know why, but I do), and he can't even hear the name without cringing. I can't manage money to save my life (and I am not exaggerating here in the slightest), and he is the Money God. If you ever have any questions about finances, saving money, investing, divesting, reinvesting, and micromanaging to the nth degree, Mr. Handsome is your man.

I grew up always worrying what others thought, changing my decisions based on that; Mr. Handsome couldn't care less what anyone else thinks about what he says or does. Insecurity and low self-esteem were my middle names, Mr. Handsome did not understand these terms.

I married this man who challenged me to be who I could be, who made me see that it didn't matter that my mother abused me and told me I was worth less than dirt (more on that another day, maybe); it didn't matter that people didn't always agree with me. What was important was for me to know that I was smart, a beautiful person, a good person, and I was everything he wanted in a wife and best friend, and that I was worth every bit of the not-so-nice stuff that came along with me. He had (and has) complete faith in me, and on those days when I have lost that faith in myself, he reminds me.

I tend to forget this at times, and at times I'm rude and ruthless in my offhand comments toward him, especially when I'm having a bad day or am beyond stressed. I take it out on him because he is safe. I just want him to know that I do know and realize how lucky I am to have such an understanding, patient, willing person in my life who has accepted me as I am with all my faults and issues, both mental and physical, and that I don't for a second take any of it for granted. I know how fortunate I am that I met this man, that he loves me, and that he was willing to take me along with all my baggage and paraphernalia. He saw the inner me, the shining diamond in me, the part that had been hiding for so many years (most of my life actually), and he held onto that and slowly made me see it too.

Today, I just wanted to say thank you to Mr. Handsome. Thank you for you. We may not always get along or agree, and sometimes we can be pretty darn nasty to one another, but I want you to know that I wouldn't want anyone else by my side. I love you.

P.S. Remember, I could have written about morning thunder. So don't go complaining about this post, OK?


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