I May Just Be The Miraculous Virgin Mary

Honest to god, this was going to be a funny, hahaha post about one unfortunate event or another that recently occurred to me, but lo and behold! I cannot come up with anything except words filled with angst and pain. Woe's me, people.

I think I'm still sick, and I know this blog's kind of become the "Is Mary Ever Not On Her Deathbed?" sort of blog, but seriously? I'm still not well. And it's time, folks. I've now been officially ill with the flu since Dec. 14, and am not pleased.

I am experiencing my second eye infection since coming down with this flu back in December, and am still coughing like a 90-year-old smoking tuberculosis patient, although I am no longer on mega-doses of cough medicine, so I guess that's a plus. So, now I look like I'm drunk as well as sick, but not quite as sick as I was. As you know, I always look at the glass as half-full. I still have a sore throat, too, not to mention little energy, and night sweats that end up being really gross because it's like lying in a pool of your own juices for hours after a great workout, minus the workout. Which just leave me ... wet, in a not-so-sexy way.

I'm going to the doctor. Putting a call in this morning, and, with all hope, will get in to see him. He's not the easiest doctor to get in to see, and depending on how many patients he has that day, not always the most thorough. He's also been away since the second week of December, and is probably going to retire in the next few years, which means bad things for me, because it is pretty much impossible to get a doctor in this province. Not only that, but this guy's known me since I was 15 years old and suffering from terrible menstrual cramps that almost made me perform an hysterectomy on myself, so he really knows me. So, if I do actually get in to see him today, it will be a bloody miracle, and you can all call me the Virgin Mary, or something.

So, instead of this being about me today, let's make this post about you! How are all of my special friends feeling this fine Monday, the first day back to school for children (thank the lord above it couldn't come soon enough)? Tell me how things are, what you're up to, how you're feeling, and I'll get back to you if I actually live through  today. But if you don't hear from me, do not fret. It just means I'm either (a) dead, (b) feel dead, (c) wish I was dead, (d) curled up in the fetal position humming to myself, or (e) all of the above.


Well, it's a good thing I came to the paragraph about you going to the doctor, because I was just about to say GET TO THE DOCTOR (like I've been saying since November)! Honestly, Mary, what the ....? For one thing, I think your body was so depleted from the mysterious diarrhea that it just could not handle the flu or upper respiratory thing you now have. And aren't you due to have some tests for that? I hope this doctor of yours can get a handle on what's going on, because this all just sucks.

As for me, I've had the grandsons for the weekend, so I'M depleted! As soon as the one here today is gone, I have to tackle the desk, out with the old and in with the new, and figure out how to pay our taxes. Oh, I also start pet sitting a nine week old min pin today, every day at noon for the next several months as he'll be alone in a little crate for TEN HOURS while the family is at work and school (and you think YOU have it bad!). My neck hurts like hell, but that's nothing new. Other than that, same old same old, but at least I'm not sick! ,
Aunt Juicebox said…
Good luck getting in, and I hope he can do something for you. I know there have been times when it seems like I just can't shake something off.
At least you're going to the doctors Mary, I am so sorry you are going through a bad time.
I hope you will feel much better soon.
Take care.
blueviolet said…
If your doctor is not very thorough, perhaps you should get one that is. Maybe then you'll heal? I hope so! That's just way too long to be sick!

Happy New Year, Mary!
Ann said…
Wish you'd convince my husband to see a doctor - but he's only been sick a week now, so guess he's got time?! I'm sorry you feel so poorly - I got it today and I'm tired of it already! Hope the doc gets you fixed up soon!
♥Trina♥ said…
You have got to be about crazy from being so sick! Hopefully, you got in to see the doc and he was able to give you something to get you over this.

As far as I'm concerned...I'm still coughing from my bout of the crud, but it is more of a nuisance than anything. And I AM FREEZING!!! It was only 21 degrees when I left for work today, and it had heated up to a steamy 28 degrees by the time I headed home. I HATE this kind of cold weather. How DO y'all do it??? BRRRRRR
I hope you feel well soon.

I wish you a Happy New Year.
Maureen said…
You know what?

I think you're sick.

If you can't get in to see the doc, go to the walk in. I know it's not as great, but at least you'll get the care you need.... get better!
I'm sick too, if that makes you feel better. You nailed it with the "90-year-old smoking tuberculosis patient." Get thee to a doctor!!
Anonymous said…
Oh eye infections suck big time. They make my whole body lethargic and take the life right out of me.
Get better!!!!!!
Are you taking probiotics? What about eating yogurt? And vitamin C? I swear by airborne too. Get healthy!

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