Happy 28th, Mr. Handsome!

Today's Mr. Handsome's birthday, guys! Please wish him a big happy 44th, although he swears he's 28. Whatever.  As he reminds me on an almost daily basis, he will always be younger than me.

So, as I battle a bad headache and what I am sure is a sinus infection (I'm going to the doctor today, folks, honest), I will do the last bit of running around that needs to be done to get things in order for my husband's big day, a day he'd rather forget, thank you very much. Because, as he so succinctly put it earlier this morning, any birthday after the 28th is just a sad reminder of our impending death.

Depressing, isn't it?

Thank god I got almost everything done early on, little by little, so today all I have to do is pick up the cake, get one more gift, buy a couple of groceries, throw the lamb roast into the oven, clean the house, take down all Christmas decorations (shut up), and put up birthday decorations. Can you hear the joy in my voice? I'm so glad I have two slaves children I will put to work as soon as they walk their tiny behinds through the door this afternoon.

I don't blame Mr. Handsome for being born so close after Christmas. He came out 10 weeks early. He was supposed to be born sometime in March. But he wasn't, and ever since I've known him, his birthday has always seemed to be a sort of afterthought, because everyone's just coming down from Christmas holidays, and are tired, and have no money, and then, holy crap!, it's birthday time! Mr. Handsome spent many a year with not much in terms of birthday celebrations, and his few gifts would be wrapped up in Christmas paper. Which really just sucks the big one, because seriously folks, if anyone should be celebrated, it should be him. Not only is he awesome, handsome, and very smart, he also survived a premature birth, with no health issues!

So, I vowed early on in our relationship that his birthdays would always be special, because he deserves it. He always goes whole hog for everyone else, putting so much effort into getting just the right gifts, making the day extra special, doing everything right. It just seemed so wrong (and, of course, it was) that he always seemed to get short shrift.

Today's all about you, big boy! Happy Birthday, and thank you for choosing me to share your life. Here's to 44 more years!


♥Georgie♥ said…
wishing your Mr Handsome a VERY Happy 2*cough*8!!!!
Wishing your Mr. Handsome a very happy birthday, I can sympathise with you Mary about Birthdays, I have a grandson who was born on Christmas Eve 1999, and another on the 8th January 2000. Also I have a grand daughter who also was 10 weeks early arriving on my birthday.
Happy celebrations.
Ahhh, it warms my heart to hear you gush about your hubby! He sounds like a definite keeper, and deserving of a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY and a special day in his honor.
ReformingGeek said…
You are a sweetie doing all that work for him. Have a great day!
MarieA said…
what a nice post. THIS is what marriages are supposed to be about. Good for you. Good for him. WTheck... good for hyou both!

Now just watch that 45 mark.. it';s when the male midlife crisis - an really kick in and the whole I am not 28 any more seems to take on a whole other slant. There are many signs... and not appropriate for a celebratory kind of day.
Go hug the man - have at least good sex and eat cake. Not necessarily in that order. bwa ha ha
♥Trina♥ said…
I'm a little late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. Handsome! 28 or 44, hope it's great.

(And my Christmas decorations are still up. Not because I WANT them to still be up but because I haven't had TIME to take them down. Maybe Saturday before my belly dancing class.)

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