Thank God I Am Immortal

I spent the better part of the weekend in one freezing hockey arena or another, and then I died because I couldn't warm up.

But thank god I am immortal, because I had to come back to life and go back to yet another arena on Sunday so that Dee and his team could play in the finals of this tournament they had signed up for.

They came in second place, which should actually have been first, seeing as the team they were up against were so much better than Dee's team that even a blind man high on Mai Tais could have seen that. And what I mean by that is that, whereas Dee's team is C level and very good for C level, this team should have been labeled AA, as in WAAAAAAY better.And they were from North Bay, which is a rather smallish city way up in northern Ontario, and they probably only have one hockey team, and the only thing they probably do up there is play hockey. Because chances are they don't even have electricity.

So, I guess what I'm saying is I'm sort of a hockey mom, and I wanted my son's team to win, and they didn't. They were pulverized. But they got an awesome trophy, that looked something like this:

although what they should have got (if you go by the amount of sweat and hard work these kids produced) looks something like this:

But, as we all know, size isn't everything. You're welcome, Mr. Handsome.

So, now that that is over, I have two more days in which to finish washing clothing, pack said clothing, buy odds and ends, and get all our acts together because we leave for Florida on Wednesday. And just in time because the snow, she's a-here.

It's suddenly turned blustery cold here, with promises of 40 centimetres of snow later this week. And WE WON'T BE HERE, because we will be in the warm sunshiny state of FLOREEEEDA, basking by the hotel pool, and drinking vodka and cranberry, and saying hello to Mickey Mouse and Goofy.

Talk about AWESOME timing!

That is, as long as the snow and ice and coldness doesn't happen upon us as we board the plane, in which case, I need another refill on my Valium because if there's one thing that makes me very very nervous, it's ice on a plane's wings. I know that the de-icing machine is all just a big ruse to calm passengers' nerves, because I still see the ice on the wings after the de-icer has gone. Yes, I do.

The other thing I'm worrying about is that Mr. Handsome's momma can make it through the snowdrifts that is otherwise known as the road on which we live to feed our guinea pigs while we're basking in the warm sun. She has some issues with walking, especially in ice and snow, so I'm thinking I'll lend her my skis, just in case.

Thoughts of this trip also excite me because our hotel has FREE wireless internet, which means I'm taking my laptop and I'm hoping to continue blogging from Florida about all our amazing and exciting adventures. And hold on to your panties, folks, because, not only that, but I also invested in a Gorillapod and a remote for my Canon XSi, which means you may even get to see some stunning photos that actually have me in them for a change. What normally happens is, because I take the majority of the photos, I'm never in them. Which, as we all know, is totally unacceptable, because what is a photo's worth if I'm not in it?

Which may actually be a blessing in disguise, now that I think of it, seeing as this weekend, I showed the kids a picture of me at my high school graduation, and their reaction was, first, silence with mouths wide open, and second, Dee exclaiming, "Oh.My.God."

Enough said.

I realize this post is a bit of a jumble, but sometimes that's just how I roll. Especially when my brain is on fire because I am in the midst of about eleventy things at once, and I can't handle more than one thing at once at the best of times, so just try and imagine how stressed I must feel and don't you feel so sorry for me now?


nonamedufus said…
Hey they have electricity in North Bay, thank God. That's where I buy my beer when I go fishing in Temagami every June. I envy you your trip to Florida as the rest of us get the snow shovels out.
ReformingGeek said…
Waving my snow-wait wand until after you are well are your way to Florida.

I like the idea of skis for the mom-in-law. ;-)
I think you are super human with all the trials and tribulations you have gone through of late.
Your post took me back to when my youngest son used to play football,
we'd stand and watch him week after week in all winds and weathers.
Safe journey to Florida, I am going away tomorrow for a few back on Friday.
Take care.
MarieA said…
Feelsorry for you? Feel SORRY for you? nope not at all... You're going to freakin Florida just as the snow starts and you'll be back in time for Christmas
bon voyage have a good time, and don't be looking all smirky in those photos eh?
Maureen said…
Boy am I glad I didn't read this before today. Because I probably, in a fit of extreme jealousy, written something about the snow holding the plane back and then felt terribly horrible that it in fact came true.

And I am SO glad I only had a daughter. I definitely could not do the hockey mom thing. They should give out the big trophies to you all.

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