And On The Seventh Day, She Rose From The Dead

Well, so, it's like two days until Christmas. In case you were wondering.

And I'm here, back home, still sick as the sickest dog in town. And my "g" key doesn't work on this damn laptop all of a sudden, which just makes things seem all that much worse. Which, of course, they are.

At least I can now hold my head up off the pillow for more than 20 seconds at a time, and can actually respond coherently to some questions! Yes! I mean, that doesn't even happen on most of my really good days! Just ask Mr. Handsome.

So, we had an amazingly wonderful, rich, happy-filled and lovely trip to Orlando, even if it was cut short one day thanks to a blizzard that made its way through Ontario Dec. 9.

I won't post photos today because I'm not well enough to put that much effort into anything yet, but I promise I will. And let me tell you, I love my Canon EOS DSLR like it was my child. I still don't know how to use it for the most part, but I'm learning, and our Disney trip was a great opportunity for just that, and I can't wait to show you some of the stuff I actually did all by myself!

So, now that we're back home, and I'm beginning to finally feel alive again, after a whole week of lying at death's door, and actually wondering at more than one point whether I should just lie in bed with my hands clasped over an imaginary rosary because that's exactly how I felt, it's time to get the rest of this thing called Christmas done. Luckily, I got a good chunk of it done before we left on our trip, so good for me. Yay. Now, I just need to finish up some shopping, get the last of the Christmas cards done (the ones that don't need to actually be mailed), and get everything wrapped. Oh, and we have to decorate the tree, because at the moment, it looks like this:

and usually it looks more like this:

but at least we got a tree, and by "we", I mean everyone but me, because I was still waaay too ill to do much but try to open one eyelid once an hour, just to keep my muscles limber.

And, although I'm starting to feel better, I'm still really sick, guys. As in, I can go to the stove, turn on the burner to heat up some water for tea, and then walk back to the couch so that I can lie down again to catch my breath. This flu has knocked me for a loop, my friends. I don't even remember the last time I had a virus this virulent, this potent, this annoying, that has attacked every single fiber of my being in such a violent manner. This is how sick I've been: I didn't even WANT to watch any Duggar shows.

I'm hoping today I'm able to actually get out for an hour or so and get a pile of stuff done, because if nothing else, that will definitely make me feel better. I should probably pack a portable hammock with me though, so that I can set it up and lie down when the whim hits me, as it will. And probably take my kids with me so they can knock me upside my head when I fall over, although that would sort of defeat the whole purpose of my going out in the first place, since a lot of what I still have to do involves gifts for them. I guess I'm just hoping those little elves actually do some work this year FOR ME and help me out, because I NEED IT!

Now, all I want for Christmas is to feel well enough to be able to actually enjoy myself, not infect every single person around me, and a "g" key.


Hello Mary you have been through the wars lately haven't you? I'm pleased you feel "A little better" but take care. I enjoyed your post as always and the photo's are superb.
Have a lovely Christmas and hope next year will be a more healthier one........hope you get your "G" KEY back.

Southern Sage said…
Dang I sure hope you feel mo better soon!
Mary, do you think you might have the N1H1 or whatever it's called? I had the flu two christmases ago, and my electrolites went all out of whack to the extreme from the throwing up and diarrhea. I was sleeping in the second bedroom, and during the night I woke up with the worst muscle cramps I've ever experienced, all over but especially my legs. I tried to walk, but ended up on the floor doubled over and crying from the pain. I finally crawled to the bathroom and drank a bunch of water, and to the kitchen for a banana that I forced down, then the next day sent hubby to the store for pedialyte and gaterade. It finally went away, but for several weeks after I could hardly move. Went in for a blood test and had depleted my potassium to the point that I almost had to go in the hospital! So be watchful, Mary! You've had a rough road the last month, and it could all take it's toll on your body.

Hope you feel well enough to enjoy Christmas, and I wish you a happy and definitely healthier new year!
ReformingGeek said…
I hope you feel better soon.

My "n" key is giving me problems. Maybe they both have the flu. Ick.
Maureen said…
Oh yuck, so sorry to hear you are sick! I do hope you are feeling better soon. Take care, and hoping you have a wonderful Christmas!

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