Ho Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum!

I realize this is a day late, but my motto is "Better late than never!", so ...

Here's hoping everyone's had a wonderfully Merry and Cheery Christmas, full of family, friends, hot toddies, nibblies, and Uncle Festus.

I'll be back Monday with more of a recap of our festivities. I just need some time to clear out my sinuses for the umpteenth time.


Anonymous said…
Hope you had a big ole Christmas!
Pleased you had a good time,

Oh those sinuses...have you tried a neti pot? I bow before mine every morning. It saved me from years of misery of congestion, months-long colds and lack of sense of smell and taste. I put my dignity in my back pocket and lean into the sink every morning (and am able to gross out my 6 year old son, so that's a bonus).

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