More Happy Photos, Happy New Year Wishes, And Maybe Even A Hangover Remedy

Another year has left us, yet another decade disappears into our memories. It's hard to believe.

This year, 2009, was a hard year for me. More difficult than many have been. I still haven't quite figured out why, but it definitely has been, what with unemployment, a job from hell that I still have nightmares about, my  mother dying, psychological warfare going on in my brain, and illness coming out my ears.

It's also been a wonderful year, where I've been reminded on an almost daily basis that I have family and friends who love me unconditionally, a husband who drives me crazy but is also so much more than I deserve, wonderful children who take me for who I am, both good and not so good, a warm home, food, music, and lots of love.

Here's to a better year for all of us in 2010, with less war and worries, more happiness, and as many Cheezies as we want! I also want to thank all my readers and friends who make this blog what it is. I'm working on making this place bigger and better, but it takes a lot of energy and brain, both of which I am lacking lately. But, thanks to all of you, I'm still here.

Now, to celebrate, some more happy pictures from our Florida trip. Enjoy! See you next year!


Aunt Juicebox said…
Totally loving the pictures! Makes me super nostalgic.
Sorry to hear about your mother, I haven't been reading long enough to know much about you yet. Here's to the new year!
Great photos, and I especially enjoyed seeing you with the kids and smiling so big despite being sick! I hope 2010 is a much healthier one for you than 2009, and look forward to continuing the reading of your posts.
Mary the photo's are great, loved the write as usual.
If you read my latest you will hear Susan perhaps you won't visit.....just thought I'd let you know.

Shana said…
Great photos. Happy New Year.
ReformingGeek said…
Best wishes in 2010 and thanks for being my bloggy friend!

I love the photos!
Michel said…
Damnitt! Where's my hangover cure!?!?!? Okay, yes...those were very nice pics...but damnitt woman...i'm hurting here!
feefifoto said…
Have to hand it to Disney -- they know how to put on a show. Happy New Year.
bernthis said…
I"m no "Christmas Tree' professional but that is one beautiful Christmas tree, in my mind

2009 really did suck. Sounds like you have been through a lot. Here is to a 2010 with much more joy, much more

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