I am happy to announce that our Thanksgiving was a success. Yes, including the entirely homemade apple pie that Em and I made FROM SCRATCH, crust and all.


I'm still reeling from the thought of it.

My hands working hard at making the apple pie crust. Notice the flour that happened to end up everywhere, including halfway up my arms and on my sleeves. Despite our inexperience, the crust turned out perfectly.

No pastry cutter tool needed for these experts.

Look at that pile of apples. That's what I'm talkin' about!

Mr. Handsome's and Dee's extraordinary pumpkin pie. To.Die.For. Excuse me while I run to the fridge for some leftovers. Be right back.

The long weekend went by way too fast, as it always seems to. Today, Mr. Handsome is back at work, the kids at school, and me? I'm still here, fumbling along, looking for work, trying to figure things out. Feeling rather out of sorts, withdrawn from life, forcing myself to take nibbles of whatever is put in front of me, despite wanting to stay in bed and keep my eyes closed.

But enough about that. Thanksgiving. Amazing. Despite my depression and lack of energy.

We had Mr. Handsome's momma over, and my brother Adonis and his lovely wife Wood Nymph. We had a roast turkey (which was roasted to absolute, delectable perfection), mashed potatoes, turnip, Brussels sprouts, stuffing (OH MY GOD the stuffing), carrots, onions, and homemade cranberry sauce (to DIE for). Almost everyone had secondsies. Some even had thirdsies, I think, although they tried to hide the fact. But I see all. Yeah, I'm talking to YOU.

And then came the desserts. Yes, plural. Momma brought a marshmallow cherry cream conconction that was quite tasty, while Mr. Handsome and Dee made a pumpkin pie that was really very good, with just the right amount of spice and pumpkin. Pumpkin pie's got to be my all-time favourite pie in the world. Put me on an island with an endless supply of pumpkin pie, and I'll be just fine, thanks. And Em and I made an apple pie, which Mr. Handsome admitted to being "the best apple pie" he's ever had. WHAAAAT?!

Yes, that's right, folks. He actually said that. Well, first he said he'd "never had an apple pie like that before", to which I asked for clarification, because really? That could mean anything, as in, "This pie really really sucks, but I can't tell you that, so I'll say it in a really round-about way so that you don't get angry with me and withhold sex from me for yet another season."

But guys, he really meant that he loved it! Which just melted my heart in every direction because I rarely hear that coming out of anyone's mouth, let alone Mr. Handsome's.

I know I promised everyone pictures of the making of the now-famous apple pie, but in the midst of all the excitement and stuff, we kind of forgot to take photos of the process. But I did take a shot or two of the final product. Voila!

The finished product, replete with egg-brushed pastry, topped with sugar crystals.

Another view, demonstrating the mountainous pile of apples See? I wasn't kidding.

Isn't it wonderful? Delectable? Can you taste it? I can, because we still have some tucked away in the fridge, just waiting for me.

Let me just say that this pie was about three feet tall, filled to the brim and then some with almost four pounds of apples. Holy god.

After our delicious dinner, we sat around the living room, unable to move for the first hour. Everyone was groaning while their stomachs stretched to their limits, while Gryphon snuck around under the dining table looking for dropped pieces of turkey and stuffing. My brother Adonis lay prostrate on the floor next to the fireplace, and I was pretty sure I would go to bed and get up Monday morning and still find him there, but he managed to move eventually and make his way to the couch.

Dee then pulled out a Wii game, and that was the end of any rest for anyone. He even got Adonis and Wood Nymph to play some Mario Kart, and I'm pretty sure it was waaay more fun to watch those two try driving their cars than to actually be playing myself. You see, Adonis and Wood Nymph don't have children or a Wii, so when they come over to our house, they are inundated with things like the Wii, and puzzles, and basketball and hockey, because Dee misses them and wants to make them more a part of his world. But Adonis and Wood Nymph go into a sort of shock because they are suddenly pulled into our world of activity, which is probably a health risk to say the very least. It's like jumping into Lake Ontario in January, which is to say it's a HUGE shock to the system, makes your blood stop in your veins and your brain go to mush.

But I'm happy to say both Adonis and Wood Nymph passed the test with flying colours yet again, taking full control of their Wii steering wheels, and managing to at least finish the Mario Kart races (most of the time anyway), with smiles on their faces.

And all the while, Mr. Handsome's Momma laughed and laughed at Adonis' self-deprecating comments, and watched with glee as her family sat before her, happy and warm.

I think we all ended that day very thankful for what we have. And even though I complain a lot, I really do realize what I have, and that I am extremely fortunate for it all. Because I could have none of it. I have a wonderful husband who would do anything for me and loves me with all his heart. I have two amazing children who bring me loads and loads of happiness and joy just by being. I have a home, food, clothing, and all the hair products anyone could ever need. I have an extended family who continues to wrap me in love. I have the best friends in the world, people who will stand by me through thick and thin, who love me unconditionally and would do anything for me, and me for them. And I live in a country where safety and freedom are paramount, where I can do whatever I please, whenever I want, and know that I can trust pretty much anyone I meet.

So, despite my blathering on and on here about how awful my life is, and how much my kids bother me, and how I wish life was this way instead of that way, and how I wish I was anywhere but here, I am very thankful for all that I have, and I know in my heart and soul that I would not trade my life for anything else in this world. Mine is a life worth living, worth having, and worth loving. I just find it really hard to remember sometimes.

Thankful for everything, including my son, who decided to dress up in a sheep's costume for Thanksgiving. Yup. Thankful even for that. And if this photo seems blurry to you, it's time to lay off the mojitos.


♥Trina♥ said…
That pie looks so scrumptious!!! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. That's my favorite holiday because it is about FAMILY and being together. Sadly, Christmas seems to have become more about gifts than celebrating Christ's birth.
Shana said…
The pie looks great.

People jump in Lake Ontario in January all the time. Or is it Dec? Part of the Polar Bear Club. Can we say, 'idiots?'

Glad you had a good holiday
Chelle said…
I LURVE making pies from scratch. Good job!
ReformingGeek said…
I want some of that apple pie. YUM!

I'm now going to get a little pill for by bellyache from "eating" all of your food!
Pleased your Thanksgiving went well. I enjoyed the read and pics. The apple pie looked very good, anymore left over?

awwwwww Mary, I love your Thank-full list! We all need to take time to write down everything we love about our lives, might make EVERYONE a little more appreciative!
Dayum....that apple pie REALLY looks good. SOOOOOOO much better than MY apple pie fiasco! I might try it again now!
Have a wonderful week~
Looking at you food photos makes me anxious for our Thanksgiving to get here ... and pumpkin pie and stuffing are on my list of must haves!

FYI, this is my favorite of all your posts I've read the last several months. Funny, but also very heartfelt. I like it very much, and feel like I know you just a little bit better. And like what I see.
Sue said…
The pie looks fabulous! Great job. It sounds like your family had a great get together.

Gaston Studio said…
None of us are ever totally satisfied with our life, but at least you've learned to appreciate what you have.

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