A Day of Firm Buttocks and Fall Colours

Mr. Handsome's been working his tail off lately, which I now understand is why his buttocks are so firm.

Anyfirmandtinybuttocks, he decided to take a day off yesterday, which was nice because it meant actually seeing him for a change instead of swearing under my breath as I can only think of him while I pack Dee off for yet another hockey game. Yeah, being Canadian is JUST SO WONDERFUL.

Because, if you haven't noticed yet, I am now in charge of everything under the sun that has anything at all to do with our household and family because I am not currently working full-time, which apparently also means that I have all the time, energy and inclination in the world to take Dee to a bazillion gagillion hockey practices a week, take Em to her waterpolo games, take them to all their various and sundry doctor appointments, and why am I complaining because really? It could be much worse. So, I'll just shut up now and show you lots of pretty pictures of the lovely walk Mr. Handsome and I took yesterday in the Gatineau Hills and through the Mackenzie King Estate.

This is part of what are called The Ruins at the Mackenzie King Estate, which is where Canada's 10th prime minister made his home during his summers.

Mackenzie King apparently brought together odds and ends from homes in the area to create this area of ruins, in an effort to retain a part of history.

If I remember correctly, he had intended on turning the ruins into a sort of historical building, but it never happened. The ruins remain as he left them, and they're beautiful just the way they are.

This is the actual stone fireplace from an Ottawa home that Mackenzie King placed here.

Mr. Handsome and I wandered about the grounds as well, taking in the beautiful fall colours. This old stump was just sitting there, beckoning me.


Fall in the Ottawa area. It's still not as colourful as it will be in another week or two. Talk about beauty. I have much to be thankful for.


Sue said…
Mackenzie King was certainly an interesting character! The colours are beautiful. We are heading up to the cottage this week-end for Thanksgiving. I hope we haven't missed the peak of the season.

Hang in there. I remember those days of working full-time all day and then my full-time "moms' taxi" job at night. Believe it or not, I kind of miss it.

ReformingGeek said…
Nice photos! The fall color is already beautiful.
Chelle said…
I was just at M King's estate on Sat with the chitlin's We had a dinner picnic.
Lovely photo's and most enjoyable post.

Scribe said…
I love Ottawa and especially Gatineau. I have friends in Wakefield, Que., 20 minutes from Hull and I love the drive from Brampton to their place, especially in fall. Thanks for the photos and hang in there!

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