So, it's my blogoversary today! Yes, one year ago today, I was finally convinced by my best friend Slut to start a blog.

I'm still trying to figure out what to write...

Me celebrating. Notice the large cheeks, not unlike those of a very full chipmunk.

So, I thought, all in the name of celebrating, I would have the plumber over to do some repairs, because nothing says "happy" and "woo hoo!" as much as a working bathroom sink and dishwasher. It almost makes me giddy enough to do a striptease for Mr. Handsome just thinking about it. Almost, but not quite. I might, however, install a dance pole in our bedroom while he's at work.

Yes, my happiness is entirely dependent upon functioning pipes and running water. Such is my life.

In other celebratory news, we were told on Wednesday that Dee does not need more surgery in November. This is not cancer-related, but surgery is surgery, and Dee already went through this back in February, and he was not looking forward to having it again. Apparently, the first surgery didn't quite "take", as they say. Whatever. The surgeon said come back in a year for another look-see, or earlier if we need to.

And Dee said, "I'm a happy man today." Yes, a small, very young man, but a man just the same. So, we celebrated with pizza and Pepsi and a bag of chips. Oh, and I had a day-old croissant and some tea.

I am also celebrating the fact that Dee was asked by a girl to the Hallowe'en Dance! This might make me cry, it makes me so happy. Why, I don't know.

As Dee put it so nonchalantly as he told me, "Oh yeah, I forgot. I got asked to the Hallowe'en Dance at school. So, now there's another girl who likes me." However, he declined the invitation, explaining to me that, although this girl is "nice", she's not "cute". They start so young.

And we are also celebrating Em's amazing success so far in Grade 9. Mr. Handsome and I went to parent-teacher interviews yesterday, and all her teachers told us how wonderful she is, what a great student she is, and how she has one of the top marks in the class. Parents can't ask for more than that. We are so very proud of her.

Now she just has to learn to tone down her "chattiness", as the teachers all said in the most politically-correct way possible. In other words, "Shut up and listen!" I obviously would not last long as a teacher.

And lastly, may I just say that I have a job interview next week for a part-time job in a library, which would be just dandy, because not only would I be surrounded by books, I would also be surrounded by homeless people and perverts. I'd feel right at home.


An abundance of good and happy things! congratulations!
Shana said…
Happy Blogoversary!!

Good luck on the job interview.
Happy Blogaversary Mary, I do so enjoy reading your post, you have quite a way with words that make me smile. Great news about Dee, how pleased he must be feeling.
Take care. and good luck with job interview.

Gaston Studio said…
Well, happy blogaversary! Hope all goes well with Dee's surgery, like you say, surgery is surgery. And good luck with the new job!
ReformingGeek said…
Three cheers for the kiddos and congrats on one year in Blogland. It's fun, isn't it?

Hum...the library babysitting perverts? This sounds like more blog fodder.

Trish said…
woohoo one year! by far yours is the most entertaining of all the blogs I follow, and Ifollow a lot; I OOVE your no-nonsense sense of humor; Keep it up hot momma
Debbie said…
Wow. You have a lot of good things going on! And congrats on the year of blogging.
Happy Blog Anniversary! Here's to another year of sharing your thoughts with the world.
Anonymous said…
...and what a year its been. Congratulations Mary! Your blog is my favourite! Keep up the awesome writing.

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