Gobble Gobble!

We're gearing up for Thanksgiving here in the cold North, which is also called Canada, eh. Our Thanksgiving happens in October, unlike the Thanksgiving in the States, which happens right before Christmas, which doesn't make much sense, if you ask me (which you didn't, I realize), because then it means you overdose on turkey and the tryptophan, and end up splayed on momma's couch for a month, tongue lolling, drool pooling around your armpit.

Nice image.

We're celebrating this Thanksgiving on Sunday, although it actually occurs on Monday, because having it on Sunday gives us Monday to recuperate from -- you guessed it -- the turkey dinner.

We're going to have a big turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes, roast carrots, roast onions, and probably some brussels sprouts, parsnip or rutabaga (although everyone around here erroneously calls it turnip, which really confused me for years and years until I grew a brain), and homemade dessert.

Yes, folks, that's right. Em and I are going to try our hands at a homemade apple pie. I've only made pumpkin pie, and I try very hard to forget it, it was that good. My memories of really good apple pie stem from our neighbour down the street where I grew up. She made these amazing pies, homemade crust and all, and she'd bring one over once in a while as a neighbourly gesture. So, I'm going to try and replicate her pie this Thanksgiving. I'll give you an update next week, photos and all. Talk about exciting, eh?! I know!

We've invited Mr. Handsome's mom over, as well as my brother Adonis and his wife Wood Nymph. So, they'll come over, play with the kids, talk to each other about things like the educational system and the many uses for floss, and then eat, and eat, and then lie about on our couches and our carpet, and talk some more. Of course, Adonis will be half asleep, because apparently he's extremely sensitive to the tryptophan in the turkey, which he doesn't really know for realsies because HE DOESN'T ACTUALLY GO TO THE DOCTOR AND GET CHECKED OUT. Oh no, Adonis just knows. And Wood Nymph will shake her head and sigh heavily and say, "Oh Adonis, what is WRONG with you?" And Adonis will say, "It's the tryptophan in the turkey. I'm very sensitive to it."

And then they'll go to their respective homes, and Mr. Handsome and I will shoo the children off to bed, and we'll eat the remainder of the apple pie, which will be even more delicious than the neighbour's, because it just will be. I know, it's almost too much to bear, the amount of fun and games we have on holidays. Just be glad you're there, because if you were here, you'd probably be trying to get a last-minute ticket to ANYWHERE. Just kidding.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

And for all my vegetarian friends, the turkey isn't really meat.

See? No harm done. Don't get all huffy with me now. Yeah, I mean YOU, Slut (she likes it when I call her that).


Simply Mags said…
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are right....Thanksgiving belongs in October, NOT November! Sounds like you're going to have fun...lol....enjoy!

p.s...can you save me a piece of pie?
Crazy Mo said…
We have to drive The Girl back to school on Monday, so we may have to celebrate Thanksgiving in a restaurant. I'm sure Swiss Chalet can hook us up with some Churkey.

Better yet, we can try to recreate A Christmas Story and go out for Chinese food! Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra!!!
Trish said…
hi there, just wanted to let you know i really emjoy reading all your posts, and read aloud some of your hilarious ones to my husband (colonoscopy one was classic). Good luck with the pies. I also wanted to invite you to follow my blog'
cheers, trish
Michele Renee said…
You know, it really does make sense to have Thanksgiving earlier in the U.S. I'd be happy with early November. And I'd be happy with it on a weekend. Being on a Thursday one still has to take Wed off from work to cook and/or get to another part of the country for the holiday.
Enjoy yours! And I'm sure the pie will taste yummy.
Southern Sage said…
since hunting season starts @ t-giving I also wish ours was earlier!

You should invite me, I'm pro eater and you can call me slut if you want too!
I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Mary!
We will spend ours with our Daughter & Son-in-law at his parents house again this year. She's the best cook I know! Then we're doing family portraits on the Friday after, we'll be looking all stuffed ourselves!
I hope your apple pie turns out better than mine did!
Can't wait for the pics~
Jane! said…
Happy Thanksgiving!!
Kind of makes more sense to have it at the end of the harvest season like you all do, but then the Christmas decorations would come up even earlier here in the US.
Hsppy Thanks giving, Lovely to read about the Canadian Thanks giving. a joy to read.
Ok question from the stupid American... If our Thanksgiving has to do with Brittish religious outcasts slaughtering indians (I mean, uh... the happy meal shared by Pilgrims and native Americans in love and best wishes) what is your Thanksgiving for?
ReformingGeek said…
Sounds great. I will be right there.

Our Thanksgiving is a celebration of the harvest. Christmas is at the wrong time. ;-)
Anonymous said…
Enjoy dead bird for dinner.

Gobble Gobble.

oh yeah and Happy Thanksgiving too!
SUSAN said…
Happy Thanksgiving.....we chose to celebrate Saturday. We need TWO days to recover from all of that food.

I wrote on my blog the other day about Canadian thanksgiving that might give some Americans insight is why we celebrate in October.


Em said…
I'm sure the pie was a hit. Slap some Cool Whip on it - it's all good.

And I'm totally printing out that veggie turkey shot so that I recreate that for my little vegan PKUer - love it.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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