Nurse! Nurse! I need my nail clippers!

So, guys, I just applied to three nursing programs in the hopes of getting into one of them for the fall.

Nursing is what I've decided to go for, now that my career as a paramedic has most probably ended before it even began, sort of like the egg coming before the chicken, which can only happen to me.

I came to the decision a little while back that nursing was probably a better career for me than paramedic. This, after thinking everything through carefully, and trying not to get emotional about it. Not getting emotional has been getting easier as time's gone on. Pretty soon my ears will get all pointy and people will start calling me Dr. Spock.

Ha. Ha.

Meanwhile, I'm starting a Grade 12 Biology course through distance education, which is so exciting I can hardly contain the urge to scream. Yeah, it's THAT good, guys. Actually, it's not bad because I'm pretty sure a large percentage of it is more or less a repetition of what I just took in my anatomy/physiology class, so it could be worse. Much worse, as in having to take a Grade 12 Chemistry (university level) course, beginning next month, during which I will most probably die at least 10 times. All this just to get into the nursing programs.

Well worth it, unless I die sometime during the process. Although, now that I think about it, at least I'd know what to do if I did die...although I wouldn't actually be able to do anything about it. Because I'd be dead.

Clearly time for a break.


meleah rebeccah said…
Good luck, DON'T DIE, and I think Nursing will be a wonderful fit for you!
ReformingGeek said…
The world needs more good nurses. Yeah, YOU!

I hope the dissecting a frog lesson goes well.

Shana said…
Good Luck with the Nursing!!!!
Pearl said…
Don't you love the passion of making a decision you just know is right?

Congratulations. I know you'll do well!

♥ CG ♥ said…
This is a great step of momentum, Mary! We'll have to share you with your family and nursing books, but it will be worth your accomplishing what's important to you. You'll spread the healing of laughter no doubt :-).

*Glad to see you're rocking the red pump this year!*
Joanie said…
Good luck! I hope you get good news on all of them!
I have to dissect frogs????????

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