The joy of being me

Like it's not bad enough that I struggle daily to keep up with my mammoth studies of anatomical drawings of men's gargantuan genitalia, but now the final exams are looming, I still can't lift a 200-pound person in a chair up two flights of stairs, and my arthritis has flared up to an entirely new level of agony and utter torment.

That is probably one of the worst parts of having arthritis: the routine unpredictability of it. For weeks, nay months, I can feel pretty damn good. I am never without pain (that would be waaay too much to ask for, of course), but then, almost overnight, I will wake up and feel nothing but.

Last night, I took codeine and some Tylenol so that I could actually fall asleep and maybe get a few hours without the gnawing of my joints waking me up (or keeping me up), but even that was apparently too much to ask for. This strange thing happens now and again when I take codeine, and the fact that I never know when it's going to happen makes my life just that much more fun. As happened last night, my stomach (and pretty much every other organ in the viscinity) pushed the "dislike" button on my body (I think I have many), and I ended up writhing in even more pain for pretty much the entire night. My stomach went into spasms, and it felt like my entire ribcage, intestines and back were finally going to make their escape to freedom. I almost woke up Mr. Handsome and asked him to take me to the hospital, but of course, I didn't, because I'm a martyr that way (also known as "VERY STUPID"), and because he was sleeping so soundly (which he pretty much always does) that I truly believed it was better that at least one of us get some sleep. What was possibly even worse than lying there in agony for hours on end was the fact that, the few times I actually fell back asleep, my dreams perpetually wove around the same theme of -- you guessed it! -- extreme stomach pain. My subconscious obviously has no imagination.

So, today, I feel like crap. I'm laying low, feeling sorry for myself, and taking some time to just be.

I am, however, having an amazingly good hair day.

Always look for that silver lining, people.


meleah rebeccah said…
Oh no! That's awful. As someone who suffers from Crohn's disease, I can CERTAINLY identify with the kind of stomach pains your talking about. And, I feel terrible for you.

But, at least you have that 'good hair day' going for you.

I hope the rest of your day turns out to be a nice as your hair.
ReformingGeek said…
YEEGADS, Mary. I''m so sorry about your tummy and your joints.

Wait. How about smoking a few? Would that help?

I had a good hair day once. I think it was sometime last year.

Shana said…
Always looking on the bright side: good for you!!

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