Grief and Doom Need Not Apply

That does it.

As if it wasn't enough that two of my teeth decided to give me grief the other day...Now I have to go to the hospital to get my eyeballs checked out because I think I may have another retinal detachment happening, which wouldn't be a good thing, in case you were wondering.

Looks like the Cloud of Doom has decided to sit right on top of me and give me just a little more grief. Yeah, sure. Bring it on. I love grief. And doom.
And then the dog vomited. And peed. On our living room carpet. Again.

Now all I need is a couple of Jehovah's Witnesses coming to my door with pamphlets on how I too can be saved...


meleah rebeccah said…
Oh Mary. I'm sorry. That sucks!
DavidShag said…
I am always astonished when people say the dog went on their carpet again. There would be no 'again' were it my dog. If it still was getting it mail at this address it would definitely be living outside.

I sure hope your retina is not detaching - that always sounded so awful to me, although in truth I have no idea what actually happens when that happens - however I did know without reminding that it wasn't good. Hope this week shows an improvement all around
ReformingGeek said…
Sorry about your eyeball. Maybe you can get them replaced with eyeballs that you can pop in and out. You would be great entertainment at parties.

Seriously, I hope you are ok.

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