My days

My days go something like this:

I wake up to the sound of the kids getting ready to go to school. Usually they're very quiet and well behaved, so that I can turn over and go back to sleep for a few minutes.

Finally, I groggily get up and put in my contact lenses so that I don't pee all over the floor by mistake. My process-of-elimination skills aren't so great. Then I brush my hair, which is mega important, because if you don't start the day with brushed hair, your day will suck. This is for real, guys. Believe me. Brushed hair = awesome day.

Then I go downstairs and promptly make myself a big cup of coffee. Not as important as the brushed hair stage, but almost.

And then I either get dressed and go to school, or I sit down with my mega-pile of science books, and I study, read, and study some more. Then I practise lifting people off the ground, putting stretchers into make-believe ambulances, and study some more.

This is now my life. Yes, I get to see my family every day, but not very much. I have to carve out little moments in time so that I can at least ask them how their day went, and make sure things are working well enough for everyone so that I can once again disappear into the hovel I have dug for myself and -- you guessed it -- study.

Despite this seemingly difficult and busy life I now have, I am loving it. Despite not seeing my family much anymore, and missing home, I am so happy. And proud of myself. And glad I married a wonderful guy who is letting me live my dream.

And on that note -- I have to go study!


A. K. said…
Must be great to see your family every day.... HEll yeah. brushing your hair is super important!
meleah rebeccah said…
Aw! Good for you. I'm happy you have a husband that supports your dreams, and a family that loves you. It's important that you carve out those little moments. But I loved reading about how proud of yourself you are.
That. Is. Awesome.
There are more people out there living a much more boring life than you. Just keep smiling and the world will smile with you too. :)

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