A post about absolutely nothing at all. Not even a picture.

Today's post is about nothing, like a Seinfeld episode, but without the millions of dollars attached to it. Or the laughter.

I have a headache that I've now had on and off for a week. I'm thinking brain tumour. It's probably just my sinuses, but I like living big. If that can be called living big. Does "living big" even mean anything? I have no idea.

Moving on...

Em has been in a leg cast for a week now (she walked into a wall last Tuesday and broke a toe -- a spiral fracture -- right in two), and she's getting pretty good at hobbling about on crutches. We got back to the hospital in a week-and-a-half for a check-up, whereby they'll probably tell her she needs to stay in the cast for another three months because she keeps standing on the side of that foot, and I keep telling her it's going to hurt the healing process, but does she ever listen? No, she doesn't. Anyway, I feel for the kid (although it doesn't really sound much like it, does it...) because it really is hard work getting around on crutches. You don't realize it unless you've actually experienced it, I guess. I see her struggling to do simple things like make a sandwich for her lunch, or try to take a bath. Not a great way to end the school year, but she should be back on her feet (pun totally intended) by mid-July, UNLESS SHE KEEPS WALKING ON HER FOOT.

Meanwhile, I've been having to drive her to and from school everyday, help her get into the school and back into the car, and basically, I've become her little minion, her bond servant. And I thought being her mother made me one already. Not quite, apparently. Because, when your normally independent 15-year-old suddenly needs help to do just about anything, you realize how much freedom you actually had.

I'm not complaining, although it basically sounds like it. OK, I'm complaining. But not bitterly. OK, I'm bitter. You win.

In the meantime, I'm trying to finish off my high school biology course, doing a full year's worth of course work in three weeks, just so that I can start another course of chemistry, which is most probably going to kill me and put me in my grave. After that, I still have to get my license to drive an ambulance, and get my first aid updated, and all this so that I can actually take the paramedic program this fall.

Although I'm really excited about the prospects, I'm also very nervous, very scared, and having a lot of doubts about my plans. Because, you know, I'm not young anymore, nor am I all that energetic, and I tend to get overwhelmed rather easily. So, by all means, Mary, take the paramedic program, which everyone tells you is extremely intensive and difficult. Okay, I think I will! Story of my life.

Anyway, I have to get studying, but I promise the next post to be about more New York excitement. Or not. 

P.S. I wanted to post a picture of Em's swollen and black-and-blue foot, but she wouldn't let me. Nice going, Em. I'll remember that next time you ask me for help


I'm sure you'll make a great paramedic, with your sense of humour the patients won't need drugs or treatment. Good luck with your studying .

Shana said…
When I was in nursing school, the paramedic program was in the same campus. Lots of hot guys!!
You won't know if you'll be able to do it or not unless you try, and if you try you will be so proud of yourself for the effort. And if you try and then it turns out that you ARE too old, you will still be in possession of the pride of trying. (Somehow, that sounded better in my head.)
Trina said…
Poor Em, and poor you!

And the paramedic program...hot guys with cute bums. Hmm...any connection? LOL

I left you something on my blog. :)
Anonymous said…
Did you break your leg or something and have to go to a CLA conference all casted up? I remember that... Mary with her trusty camera and crutches.
Watching you was ummmm painful, yeah... yeah... painful

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