I win the award for worst blogger of the millennium, or at least of the day

I've been a bad blogger.

I don't comment on the comments, I don't visit other blogs, and I don't even update my own blog as often as I'd like. I'd like to take this amazing opportunity to apologize for all of the above. You guys mean more to me than just about anything, including that nice, really soft toilet paper that is kind to my butt, and really cold apple juice.

It's just that I've been busy. Really busy. I don't know how people do this blog thing. Honestly. Where do you all get the time to write, read everyone's blogs, comment, etc.? I've been studying biology every minute of every day lately, trying to get an entire year's course done in two weeks. Crazy, but true. And then I have chemistry to do, which is scaring me something fierce, but truck on I will.

Add to that the fact that Em walked into a wall early this week and broke her toe, resulting in a visit to the emergency department at the children's hospital, where she was put into a cast and crutches and is now very much an invalid and needing help with things like getting to and from school, bathing, and wiping her nose. And then, to top the week off, Dee got sick, sore throat and nausea, so I've been doing a lot of mothering, which I guess is okay since I am a mother, but lately, I just want to get off this crazy roller coaster called life and rest a little. Oh, and did I mention that Mr. Handsome was out of town for a few days while all this was going on? Yeah, he was.

Anyway, this is what else I did this week:

* I talk here about my trip to New York City, which is more exciting than most people could bear


I'm not sure about the millennium, but definitely of the day and maybe even the week.

But as a mother, and a student, it sounds like you're rocking...and isn't that what is important, no? I know blogging is more fun...but in the larger scheme of things, eh...
blueviolet said…
Some weeks it's easier, some it's impossible. Just do what you can and don't worry about it!
MsDarkstar said…
Well, let's see. I find that sleep is pretty much "optional" (my employer might argue this if I'm ever caught doing the napping I so want to do during the workday).

The whole not having children thing I have going on is also a huge time-saver.

Further, I am not pursuing any higher education nor do I have any pesky "hobbies" to take me away from blogging. Ahh yes and I have no friends or social life... no parties, no happy hours, no vacations...

See... if you have no life other than blogging, finding the time for blogging is a breeze!
Whoever said you were the worst blogger? you brighten my day each time I read your blogs,you are an excellent mother,student, loving wife, kind neighbour, shall I go on?
Have a lovely week and blog when you got time.

Anonymous said…
Well I hope everyone gets better!
My pet peeve about your posts lately, Mary, is that the advertisements cover half of the post, making it impossible for me to read all of it. Other than that, I like to think that I'm sensible enough to know that you might have a life other than here, and therefore may not always have time to visit me and comment. Post when you can, get the kids well, study hard, and take care of yourself in the process.
ReformingGeek said…
I think I saw your kiddos posted on Ebay. I'm sorry it came to that, Sweetie!


Let us know how the frog dissection goes.
In many ways it is a fine thing to be busy.
CurvyGurl ♥ said…
Hey Mary! I don't have nearly as many responsibilities and I felt like the worst blogger for months for the same reasons. Life gets in the way sometimes, so we definitely understand. All the best!
Annah said…
We forgive you... even if you like soft toilet paper more than us.
Dawn said…
It is really hard to balance it all. Sorry about your kiddos.

Loved the picture!
ThePeachy1 said…
Keep balancing.. It gets better..

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