Holy crap. Will wonders never cease? Or are we in for the shock of our lives?

Oh, happy day!

Because this

means this:

because ...

The neighbours have left!! The neighbours have left!!

Although Mr. Handsome has warned me that the new neighbours, who have not yet moved in, may be even worse than these guys, so I'm going to be smart for a change, keep my mouth shut, and silently pray to the gods above for a little luck this time.

 Meanwhile ...

* Check out this post for all the information you'd ever ever want about how utterly boring my life really is

* And then go here to find out about absolutely nothing at all.


MsDarkstar said…
I sincerely hope that your NEW neighbors are much less uptight. And maybe even FUN.
Keeping my fingers and everything else crossed that your new neighbours will be better.

Take care.
Miz Dinah said…
Oh happy day! :) Hope you don't end up with a bunch of redneck kleptomaniac hoarder evil dysfunctional neighbours.
A. K. said…
I always get all tense up everytime someone move in next door!
Shana said…
yeah, sure hope the new ones are better!!
meleah rebeccah said…
here's hoping your new neighbors are AWESOME!

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