Fiskars Sucks

Still no reply from Fiskars, guys. I'm getting really angry now. Pulling out the big guns, as they say.

Methinks they aren't taking me seriously, which is just ridiculous.

So, I'm in the midst of putting together another email to Nikki at Fiskars Headquarters, and this time, I'm not mincing words. In the meantime:

* Waiting for my garden boy, and almost having a heart attack when I see a Harry's Hedges truck across the stress.

* Still waiting for my garden boy, and getting kind of tired of it all really, which actually means I'm pretty much just a pathetic excuse for a person who has no life and would rather live in her wild and wily imagination than actually face reality, whatever that is.

I also spent Saturday with Adonis and Wood Nymph, who, along with Dee, went to my parents' gravesite and planted flowers to make things look all pretty and presentable, because if we're about anything, we're all about image. I didn't take any pictures, however, because I am a lazy bitch.

Stay tuned, as I write about my travels to New York City with Slut and her crew, and meet up with possibly circumcized Jewish men who are apparently funny.


blueviolet said…
Nobody lives life quite like you do, Mary! I hope you get some results with your new letter!
Most amusing post, if I know I'm in the right I'll fight tooth and nail to get justice, keep on at them.

As for the last bit of your blog I am slightly

ReformingGeek said…
Carry on, Sweet Mary!

Are you sure you don't need to cut Fiskars some slack?

Hee Hee.
A. K. said…
How are you...

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