Cap guns are actually pretty realistic

The neighbours are sure to hate us now, if they didn't already.

Dee has a cap gun and is now shooting up the neighbourhood. Awesome.

I clearly win the Mother of the Year Award because I suggested he buy the cap gun in the first place.

He hasn't been arrested yet, but one teenager walking by just looked at him, his face getting pale, and said, "Dude..."

Like I said: Awesome.

I took my time getting back into the blog swing of things, and rightly so. Travelling literally around the world is hard work, even when you're sitting on your ass for most of it.

Elephant penises and exploding pools. If you need more than that, you need help.

Next week: Whereby Mary goes to New York City, gets sick, and almost gets to talk to Kelsey Grammer.


Sounds like a fun life you're living.

Take care.
♥Georgie♥ said… it...oh and my neighbors hate us seriously my sons basketball rolled into their driveway and they freaked came to my door and everything

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