Happy Dad Day, To My Favourite Dads

My father was a good father.

He was the kind of dad who would spend his only free day of the entire week with his kids. He would take us camping every year without fail, on his own, because we loved it. He tried to teach us life lessons with every event, and sometimes was just as happy not to, and to just "be" with his children.

He raised his children mostly on his own, after his wife left him. He did the best he could with what he had and knew.

My favourite time was squeezing in beside him in his old rocking chair, placing my head on his chest, and listening to his heart beating. And the best part was when he would speak: his low voice reverberating in his chest and through my head, almost putting me in a trance.

He was a great father, a great friend, and I miss him a lot. Happy Father's Day, Daddy.

Mr. Handsome is a good father.

He spends his weekend putting a basketball net together for his son. He invites the kids to come along biking when I'm sure he'd much rather go on his own. He spends the time needed to teach his children about being responsible for themselves, and the importance of being self-sufficient. He makes sure they're safe, sound and happy, and never wanting for anything. He plays with them, is strict when it's needed, and is always there for us.

He takes the time to sit with me, to watch at least a little of my favourite shows just to be with me. He makes me tea in the evening, and tries to make me feel better when I'm sad and feeling alone.

He's a wonderful dad, a wonderful friend, and I love him a lot. Happy Father's Day, Mr. Handsome!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts of fathers. mine died when I was 3 yrs so can't really remember him.
My husband was a good dad to our three, he loved children and nothing was too much bother.
He lived long enough to see our first grandchild born then two months later passed away. He would have been in his element now as I have another three grandchildren.

Have a lovely Sunday
Anonymous said…
Dads are col cats. I always hope I'm as good a dad to my kids as mine was to me.
Shana said…
Happy Father's Day to Mr. Handsome.

It is nice that you have good memories of your dad!!
Michel said…
That was sweet! I'm really glad they were and are still so great!
ReformingGeek said…
Very nice! Hope you'll have a great day.
bernthis said…
Wow, your dad sounds amazing and your hubby too. Kids need a good role model and it makes me so sad sometimes to see parents who really would rather be anywhere else than with their child. Happily, as in your case, that is not at all the case.

Happy dad's day to your husband from Phoebe and I

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