Beauty In The Midst of Chaos

Although my backyard may be the perfect example of a complete and utter mess, there is still beauty to be found.

Honeysuckle growing by the front door. I have yet to see hummingbirds here, but I never say never.

Bridal veil spirea. Perfection in nature.

Bleeding hearts I planted last year and forgot about. And this year, they gift me with this. I am in awe.

Our bridal veil spirea plants in the front yard. We are the envy of the neighbourhood for only a very short time, when these plants blossom. And then, we are once again relegated to the garbage heap of neighbours: those who don't follow the rules, do their own thing, and let the grass grow just a little longer than everyone else. I wouldn't have it any other way, except if we hired a handsome, half naked Spanish lawnboy to come cut the grass while I sit in my deck chair and swig down a Mike's Hard Lemonade as I supervise.


Lauren said…
I'll take a little of that lemonade please ;)
Anonymous said…
I find beauty whenever/wherever I'm really open to it. Mike's Hard Lemonade can't hurt the process.
mo.stoneskin said…
The honeysuckle and bleeding hearts are gorgeous. Fancy a trip across the pond to do our garden?
Gaston Studio said…
I want that bridal veil speria! I'm coming to get it.
I think your garden is beautiful. I probably won't be as hard as you think to get it in least you already have some beautiful flowers to work with!
Stock up on the Mikes, it'll be pretty before you know it!
Have a great day~
ReformingGeek said…
Nice. Yeah. I want a pool so we can get a pool guy.
beeeeautiful flowers!!!!! oh and I'll have some of that lemonade with you too!!!!!
Michel said…
After reviewing my photos I posted of my yard, I think what you chose to plant might look a little bit better.

Debbie said…
We have bleeding hearts and they are gorgeous! I love them.
I worked in my garden all afternoon long. I can't move - and there is nothing out there that looks as good yours.

Cheers, Mary. Hope the job is going well.
Kirsten said…
The bleeding hearts are beautiful!
I can also find beauty in a young Spanish gardener!
Beth said…
So pretty! I love when Mother Nature is cooperative without a lot of outside encouragement.
Bridal veil spirea - thanks! My neighbor has a bush that is bending under the weight of those flowers, I wasn't sure if it was called spirea though.
Anonymous said…
excellent pics!

Well I am a farmboy, I could help out with the plants and such, but dang I'm not spanish!
Momisodes said…
Wow! Those are gorgeous!
Elisa said…
So lovely! It almost makes me wish I had a green thumb. Almost.

(Or I could just call your lawn boy ;-))

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