Postscript: Our Trip to Toronto

As I thought, it was all about nothing much but having to deal with a newborn, and all the normal, regular frustrations that come with having a little wee baby in the house, and not being able to do as you please any longer because now the baby is the boss, too bad for mom.

Baby Oscar is precious, makes me want to have another one (don't think that will be happening as perimenopause has raised its ugly head quite fiercely), and really, a baby crying is part of the package. He cries because he's hungry (when aren't they), or tired, or has some tummy pain. Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing at all.

And yet, things have fallen apart. Mr. Handsome's sister, Sally, can't handle it. She isn't getting enough sleep, hasn't had time to have a full bath in days, can't get online for any length of time, let alone answer the phone when it rings, and how dare this tiny little innocent baby play havoc with all that she once had??? And here she sits, with her amazing hubby, Gordon, who does everything -- and I mean EVERYTHING -- for the momma and the baby, INCLUDING staying up ALL NIGHT with Oscar so that Sally can get her much-needed sleep. He is a saint, one in a trillion, really. And I don't think he's doing a good thing, really, in the grand scheme of things.

Sally's momma -- Grandma -- was called last week when Sally discovered Gordon was leaving town to do some work for 4 days. Oh my god. Grandma now has been told she is to come down to stay with Sally so that Sally doesn't have to be alone with a baby who needs to be fed every 2 1/2 hours, and wakes up a lot.

Do I sound like I find all this normal and acceptable?

I didn't think so.


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