Going to Toronto!

So exciting! Off to the big city of Toronto tomorrow morning to finally see the newest addition to the family!!! Little baby Oscar was born in September, and is our first nephew! He's the child of my hubby (Mr. Handsome's) sister.

Mixed feelings about this trip, really. Although I am extremely excited to be meeting the little bugger, I feel the whole giving-birth-and-having-a newborn-at-home routine has been blown totally out of proportion in this instance, and it is driving Mr. Handsome and me absolutely, positively CRAAAAAZY!!!!!!

First babies are a difficult adjustment. I'll be the first to admit it. Our first little bundle of joy took quite the toll on both Mr. Handsome and I, to say the least. Little M (aka Yoda in these early days) took over 30 hours to come into this world, and that's just the labour. Another 8 hours of pushing, and nothing doing. She finally arrived, coming extremely close to an emergency C-Section. Of course, I hemmorhaged afterward, and they couldn't stop the bleeding. It took me 6 months to recover, 6 months of no energy, uterine infections, mastitis, lots of trouble breastfeeding, guilt over not breastfeeding her as long as I wanted to, major postpartum depression and I could go on and on. I'm sure you get the picture.

Baby Oscar, however, has no such history, thank god. His delivery was pretty much simple and straightforward (as much as any labour and delivery can be), breastfeeding has been a smooth and relatively painless process, and mom is doing very well, beautiful as ever, albeit tired. Not only that, but they have had more friends and family helping out, staying over, holding the baby, walking the baby, letting the mom sleep, than ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE, I know. And the attention! Oh, the complaints, the problems, the lack of sleep. Oh my god, how will we ever get through this? It's so hard!!

Well, no kidding.

No one said it was a vacation, did they?


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