As if I needed any extra help in realizing the realities of my situation, Mr. Handsome recently decided to make things clearer for me.

Me: You know, I am finally seeing a big difference in my strength. It took long enough, didn't it, for my work-outs to make a difference?

Mr. Handsome: Not really.

Me: What do you mean, "Not really"??? Sure it did.

Mr. Handsome: What I mean is that you forget that you've been out of shape longer than most of your classmates have been alive.

Touche, dear, touche.


MsDarkstar said…
I sortve hope that comment earned someone a night on the couch.
Jeankfl said…
I agree with MsDarkstar! At least ONE night on the couch!!LOL
Scribe said…
ooooh snap, Mary!
meleah rebeccah said…
Two Nights on the couch!
DavidShag said…
Why nights on the couch - the whole point of strength is the ability to take far more direct action that that! It was pretty funny, though...
Jennifer said…
Wow, Awesome working dude, krrp it such kind of hard work.

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