I'm Cinderella

Oh, hello there. Me? I'm fine. Still alive, yes. Thanks for asking.

Despite my super-human strength, and abilities beyond any other human's, I too have failures. Yes, it's true. My failure is not keeping up this blog. Oh, and maybe never seeing my family, not getting enough sleep, barely eating, and perhaps having really bad gas -- if you are one of those people who see bad gas as a failure. I see it as a major success.

Anyway, the weeks go on, I keep stumbling through, bringing my head up for air every once in a while. I've turned into a mole (or a vole, depending on which one you think is cuter), and in rare moments, I bring my head to the surface and -- oh, hey!! what happened to all the leaves on the trees?! And why am I so cold??

Yeah, that's basically my life now. Not complaining, just explaining.

Mr. Handsome was out of town late last week AGAIN, so I had the kids to myself. Of course, I was a bit concerned, seeing as I had a ton of work to do (nothing new THERE), but I was also secretly very happy, because it meant actually seeing my children, whom I haven't seen in what seems like forever. We went out for a nice dinner and we talked, and played, and just had fun. It was awesome.

Saturday morning, we all got up extra early to go to the 3D IMAX movie playing across town for which we got some free tickets. Excited? A bit. I was just totally surprised both kids were up. Off we went, half asleep, the first ones at the theatre. And then, the manager announces that the stupid movie feed won't function. Really? Not funny, people. Not funny.

So, no movie, but we got free movie passes out of it. Then we did the breakfast at McDonald's thing, which wasn't all that bad. So, all in all, quite a lot of bonding occurred, which was badly needed at my end, anyway. I miss my kids. I miss my husband. I miss just sitting around, having some time on my hands to talk, to see friends, to just be.

But, it's back to the grindstone. It's almost like I'm Cinderella, and school is the wicked stepmother.


Unknown said…
I never get enough sleep....oh and I saw you fab hair status update on fb...had me cracking up! sorry 'bout the movie that stinks!
ReformingGeek said…
I'm glad you've come up for air.

Do you need a pair of glass slippers?
meleah rebeccah said…
Im happy to hear you finally got to spend some Quality Time with the kids!

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