The Kids Are Coming Home!

The kids come home tomorrow afternoon. Bittersweet, it is. Because I love my kids, and I miss them when they're gone for 11 days straight, but I sure don't look forward to the constant bickering, quarrelling, nasty comments, and WWF rounds in our living room every single day when they return.

I'm sure they had a blast at camp. They went to Camp Trillium, a camp for kids with cancer and their siblings. It's located on Garratt's Island, which is close to Picton, Ont., which is nowhere really for most of you reading this, but I'm mapquesting a link for it anyway because I'm nothing if I'm not meticulous and helpful. Except when it actually matters. Then, don't bother looking for me, 'cuz I won't be there, homie.

Camp gives the kids the chance to just hang, and have nothing but fun from morning to night. It also gives us (read parents) a break from the daily routine (see above), which is really sanity-saving, to say the least.

Dee and Em look forward to camp every year. They get to go sailing, rock climbing, kayaking, swimming every single day, play silly games during lunch, have a campfire every night by the lake, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. They've both formed great friendships at camp, and they look forward to seeing their buddies every year. For Dee, it's Dan, and Dan, and Jake. For Em, it's Haisha, Shirley, and about 10 other girls. Oh, and of course, the cute boys. Heavy sigh.

And while the kids are gone, Mr. Handsome and I try to do some couple activities together, since those opportunities are few and far between throughout the year. We usually go out a few times for dinner, a few movies, that kind of thing. This year, we've both been working way too much, which doesn't work well with hanging out together.

We did, however, manage to go out for egg rolls once (well, it was take out, but whatever), an awesome dinner Saturday, and a double feature movie, after which we saw a fatal car accident on the highway which kind of made me feel really sick and ruined the evening for me.

But, even though Mr. Handsome and I haven't had the chance to do much together, I still look forward to seeing my kids tomorrow, because ... well, they're my kids, and I miss them. A lot.

I may not have time to write again this week, depending on how much my kids let me smooch them. I'll let you know.


Anonymous said…
That camp sounds amazing.

What movies did you see?
A. K. said…
I used to love going to summer camps. it was fun....

Guess you will have a tough time from tomorrow trying to fit in with your WWF superstar. LOL!
Scribe said…
My best friend's daughter went to Camp Trillium and even though, at 14, she put up an initial fight to go, it wasn't long before she made lots of friends. It proved to her that she was not the only one going through the whole cancer fight.

Her younger brother was diagnosed in August with an inoperable brain tumour and it's been up and down since with seizures, etc.

A week away really helped her.

I'm happy that you'll be reunited with your kids soon and that you had some downtime too, even if it was takeout.

Bonding over egg rolls sounds sublime.
Lauren said…
Enjoy your kids!!
Marvin D Wilson said…
"the constant bickering, quarrelling, nasty comments, and WWF rounds in our living room every single day"

LOL - better you than me. Ha. Man does THAT bring back memories. That's one aspect of being an empty nester I'm fine with. (wink)

The Old Silly
Scribe said…
Hey Mary,

I nominated your blog for two awards. I thought it was time to spread the luvre.

Check out my blog.

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