Serendipity Or Imagination, Or How I Wish They Had Just Sent The Cheesy Bread Without All That Begging

I've been thinking a lot over the past week or so about this potential trip to Switzerland with Mr. Handsome. And when I say thinking about it, I mean dreading it. But not in a bad way.

Let me explain. Well, first of all, apparently now we don't know for certain that Mr. Handsome is going any longer. It's called government budget cutbacks, yo. He said he should know by the end of the week. Stupid government people.

But if he gets the go ahead, I then have to figure out what to do. Because although I know I've said before that I've never been to Switzerland and would love to go to the land of the hosen, good beer and dark chocolate, I also now know about the Al Qaeda.

Call me crazy. Why not? Most people do. Thing is, we've already seen them in action just last weekend with the pizza delivery WITHOUT THE CHEESY BREAD, so god only knows what else they could do. They're obviously VERY serious and mean business.
It's spooking me out, guys, and I think I may need some professional help with this. Of course, you've got to admit this kind of stuff would spook the crap outta you too. Right? I know. If it doesn't, I would have to say something is plain wrong wit you, dawg.

It's bad enough that Mr. Handsome would be going on this flight, but if I joined him, our kids would obviously be orphaned, and I know that because Em even said so, without any prompting. So it must be true. I'm now thinking Em might be psychic, so I'm going to have her tested, because imagine where we could go with that kind of talent!

This reminds me of what happened to me on Friday, the whole coincidental thing that seemingly just happens, but you know there's more to it than that. Last Friday, I had to write a HOAE test for possible entry into the paramedic program at our local college (the test is pronounced "ho-ee", but Mr. Handsome seems to think I am getting tested to become a whore, which wouldn't be surprising), and as I was driving down the street toward the college, I saw a car accident up ahead, with big flashing firetruck lights blinding me. And I immediately thought, "FIREFIGHTERS!!" and got all excited and almost smashed into a light pole, which would have been awesome, actually, because -- FIREFIGHTERS would have rushed over to me and put their hands all over me, and maybe even given me mouth-to-mouth resuscitation because I would have pretended that my breathing stopped, although I'm not sure how long I could have actually continued that charade because I don't really like that blacking out feeling, and also, if I blacked out, I would have missed the FIREFIGHTERS! See? Always thinking.

Anyway, the fact there was a car accident on the same road as I was on ON MY WAY TO WRITE A PARAMEDIC TEST is clearly just one more sign that it was meant to be that I was supposed to be in the healthcare field.

But that's not all, my friends! Please read on.

So, I get past the accident (it didn't look like anyone was hurt, although I could be mistaken because I'm not a healthcare worker YET! Give me a break, guys), turn into the college, and THERE'S AN AMBULANCE sitting RIGHT THERE in the parking lot! What the hell?!?! Obviously not simply a coincidence. Then, I turn another corner to head to the building I was writing in, and yes, ANOTHER AMBULANCE! By this time, I am close to hyperventilating from over-excitement and the prospect of seeing hunky paramedics in addition to the firefighters I'd just seen!

So, all this to say that it is now entirely clear to me that both the nursing people and the paramedic people want me in their respective programs, although, so far, I have only been accepted into the nursing program. Of course, they're giving me all these little hints because it would be pretty inappropriate, and maybe even against the rules, if they just came right out and said, "Please join us. You're a perfect candidate."

Now, not only do I have to decide which program I want to follow, but I have to decide if I really have what it takes to, not only complete two years of school, but also actually be able to do the job once I graduate. Believe it or not, I tend to be optimistic, and am often not as cynical and realistic as I need to sometimes be. Having said that, I am going to the gym again, and am trying to get my health under control. I guess what makes me feel like this is "right" for me is just that: it feels right.

And, if there's one thing I tell people, it's to follow your gut, because your instincts will always be right.

P.S.  There are definitely some Al Qaeda shenanigans going on. Mr. Handsome's mother just went to Los Angeles, and two out of her three planes had BROKEN computers! What are the chances of that happening out of the blue like that?! But that's not all, folks! She just called, and she's sitting on the tarmac in Toronto, in yet another plane WITH YET ANOTHER COMPUTER THAT IS NOT WORKING! Yeah, tell me that isn't something brewing somewhere.

I told you.


MsDarkstar said…
Good luck with your Ho test. I think it's all in the wrist. Unless it's not the little colour in the dots kind of test.

And if the El Quesos were doing their job, mothers-in-law everywhere would be sitting perpetually on tarmacs in Toronto. Or something.
Anonymous said…
Just look real mean when you are getting on the plane and th AQ's will abort the mission!!!
Wow what a post, it got the lot.

I do wish you luck with your studies as you seem so keen to be a paramedic.

About the planes you have me worried now as in June I'm flying from Gatwick London to Nashville US. hope all goes well there, also should you go travelling yourself.
I think a little bit more positivity is the answer, lol

Take care.
ReformingGeek said…
I hope you get to go to Switzerland. Maybe you can see their firefighters. You seem to attract them.

Unknown said…
Firefires Rock! Because they totally save people (and not b/c they look totally yummy in their uniforms...mmm...sorry what was I saying?)
MarieA said…
I don't know about this paramedic thing - anytime a firefighter would land at your emergency, there will be paramedic Mary, dropping the IV pole or the oxygen blowing thing to flirt with a hunky firefighter,...

I can see it now... really I can.
help me I can't breathe Paramedic Mary.
JUST a minute... can't you see I am having a moment with the firefighter here.. he's a cute one... look at what I think are his abs under that yellow coat.

think it through, make sure you'll be able to handle all those fire fighters who will be coming into your paramedic life.. k? just sayin...

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