Excitement Abounds

I'm on my way to Toronto today for a hospital appointment with a new rheumatologist who, I hope, can help me with my ever-painful and swelling joints. I've been waiting eight months for this appointment, so I hope it's worth it. Here's also hoping I don't get more than three speeding tickets. Just kidding, Mr. Handsome.

Of course, I'll be driving all by myself with wonderfully painful menstrual cramps, because my period has decided to once again annoy me, although it only happened two weeks ago. Have I mentioned how much I love peri-menopause?

Meanwhile, back on the farm, Mr. Handsome and I had a bit of a free-for-all mishmash of The Internetz vs. Old Technology (aka the yellow pages) the other day, whereas he tried looking up the phone number for a business in town to see if they were open on a Sunday, while I tried to beat him to the punch by looking it up on the internet.

He won.

The internet wasn't working so well in our house that day. No doubt Mr. Handsome's fault to begin with.

So I punched him in the throat. And then we had make-up sex, and it was awesome.

And so goes our very exciting life. You only wish you could be us.


I do hope you can get your joints sorted out. I had an injection last week for a painful shoulder which made my arm and hand painful.
As yet it hasn't been successful yet I had this shot last Novemeber and it worked wonders until March.

Loved to have been the perverbial fly on the wall when you punch Mr. Handsome up the throat!!!!!!!

How is your trip abtoad coming or not coming along, the planes are still grounded at the moment,

Have a safe and speeding ticket free journey.

ReformingGeek said…
After checking with Mr. Handsome, I'm sending firemen to watch over you. He said it was OK to send the rejects from last year's calendar so Sarah and Karen will be meeting up with you en route.

Have fun with your joints.


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