Stupid Snowstorms

I knew it. This is an "I told you so" moment if there ever was one.

Because when Mr. Handsome was booking our vacation to Florida a couple of months ago, I told him we should leave on Tuesday, not Wednesday. Call it a gut instinct. Call it kizmet. Call it woman's intuition.

But no, Mr. Handsome didn't book our flight for Tuesday. He booked it for Wednesday. And now, this ...

Our flight to Florida has been canceled, due to the wonderful Blizzard of 2009 that Ontario is currently experiencing. Sucks to be us.

Mr. Handsome is on the phone trying to get some more information, just like 3 million other Ontarians who had flights booked. He could be on hold all day.

Meanwhile, I've sent the kids to their respective rooms, because now they're all cranky and, as a result, are killing each other and screaming nastiness, and my ears are too virginal for such things. And Gryphon, who we've been gearing up to go to Grandma Camp, is now at a loss and is wandering through the house all forlorn and confused.

More news as it becomes available. Stay tuned.


ReformingGeek said…
Oh, I'm so sorry Mother Nature is out to get you today.

It's effing cold here in Texas today with a nice little breeze. BRRRRRRR!

Good luck with the re-arranging and take a few moments to breathe.
Unknown said…
oh no mary! that just stinks! I hope the weather clears up so you guys can get a flight
Dawn said…
Awwww... I'm sorry. :(

I hope he gets something worked out.
The Grandpa said…
I'm so sad for you. When we went to Hawaii at the end of the 90s, We got out of Boston 2 hours befor the April Fools blizzard hit. Of course we didn't know how bad it was until we called our friend who had agreed to let our dog out (and had spent the night) said she couldn't even open the back door, the snow was so deep. So we just took a deep breath and enjoyed our week. I'm sorry you can't do that.
Unknown said…
So sorry to hear you and the family got caught in this "Blizzar of the Year" thing! Hopefully, Mr. Handsome can get another flight out soon. Then again, you could rent a car, drive somewhere else and maybe catch a flight there. Remember, Planes, Trains and Automobiles?
Maureen said…
Oh that sucks! I am sorry to hear this, even though I am incredibly jealous you are (eventually, that is) going to Florida.

We have had terrible freezing weather; but very little snow. Oops. Perhaps you don't want to hear that right about now...

Fingers crossed you are flying high soon (er, in a plane, that is).
Oh Mary after all you've been through and now this. hope you mamage to get a flight.

nonamedufus said…
Oh, man, it sucks to be you! Actually, it sucks to be your husband. Poor guy! I hope it all comes together for you.
Unknown said…
omg, that totally sucks.
Good luck to you all. Florida does sound nice right about now.

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