No Poops Or Toilets In This Post. Well, Just A Few.

So, my daughter informed me that my last few posts were boring, and that I had to stop talking about my feces all the time. She's so picky. And judgmental.

Okay, so I'll stop. But, as I explained to Em, my blog is about me and my life, and if all that's really going on it at the time is centered around the toilet, what's a person to do?

But still, I'll try and refrain from mentioning my poops or the toilet at all in this post ... although I've now mentioned them four times already. Sorry.

I spent the better part of the weekend getting my brain and body ready for Christmas, because, as I'd said in a previous post, I have to take on ALL the Christmas prep responsibility this year because Mr. Handsome is working so hard. Whatever. He's just lucky I enjoy spending lots of money working so hard.

As part of my preparation, I spent the better part of an afternoon shopping for gifts. I couldn't believe my good fortune since in one stop, I'd found probably one-third of everything I have to get for family and friends. As most of you probably know, that just never happens. Yes, the rainbows and unicorns were shining out my butt that fine day.

I now have to tally up the expenses so that I can hand in a full and detailed financial report to Mr. Handsome.

Then, I spent Sunday running to the mall -- where it seems everyone and their mother also decided to visit -- in the feeble attempt to pick up some craft-type stuff with the kids because, well, they needed it. Is there ever any other reason? No, there is not.

And then, guys, I wrote all my Christmas cards! That's right! Every single one. This is probably a record for me. I'm calling Guinness today to let them know.

This week is going to be spent getting ready for our Disney trip, which is happening in nine days, guys! NINE.Days. That's one day more than eight, which is one more than seven, which is a week.

I'm going to spend a lot of time, methinks, looking for all my summerish clothing, and figuring out what NOT to bring to Florida. I'll also be spending loads of time this week trying to find all of Dee's clothing, because he tends to think that "putting things away" means stuffing them under his bed and behind his shelves.

I've also decided that if I don't find a sensible and cost-efficient swimsuit here, I'm just going to buy one in Florida. The prices will probably be better there, for one thing. And I won't have to end up taking one of the last suits on the rack (which is the case here at this time of the year), which also means that it will look anything but presentable on me. I'm not vain, but even I cannot handle wearing a swimsuit that makes me look like a cross between Dustin Hoffman and Tony Curtis.

And, while I fret and panic over all these miniscule details, Mr. Handsome is what? You'll never guess.

He's back to listening to Susan Boyle. Yes, that's right. I've lost him yet again to this:

Not only that, but he's spent the better part of the entire weekend watching chick flicks.

Please send help.


Unknown said…
OMG, you sound so organized! I've yet to shop for one holiday gift and am actually dreading thinking about fighting the crowds; may do most of my shopping online, as usual.

You also sound so excited about your Disney trip, which I can totally understand because that place turns me into a child again!
Crazy Mo said…
I'm so jealous! I absolutely love DisneyWorld!

And it's no wonder you have poo issues ... you have rainbows and unicorns shining out your butt! Those have to be enimas.
ReformingGeek said…
I am nowhere near Christmas cards. I'm so proud of you!

As for Florida, if you have not been this time of year, be prepared for ANY type of weather, especially COLD. That's right. It does happen and it seems to happen in December.
Marvin D Wilson said…
Me, I LIKED the poopy posts! But ya gotta please everyone, I guess, sigh - oh - help is on the way. Dunno where from, but the Bible says "ask and ye shall receive" and I believe it. (wink)

The Old Silly
Quite the combo - toilet talk, chick flicks and Susan Boyle. Oh yeah, a little bathing suit shopping thrown in for good measure. If you wait to buy your swimsuit in Florida you will have an excuse to immediately go out shopping and the selection will be enormous. You might even find one that fits.
barbarab said…
Long, long, long time lurker! Time to come out of the corner! I hate to tell you that I live in Florida, 1.5 hours away from Disney and the stores here are only showing "winter clothes" now. Shop and drop where you can! Hurry!
Liz Mays said…
You're telling me that you're still willing to wear swimsuits? Bravo to you!

I hope you have a fantastic WDW trip!!!
Hello Mary it is interesting what you write whether it's about your toilet escapades or your husband watching Susan Boyle. I too like Susan and saw her at our local theatre back in June when Britain Got Talent went on tour. She is very good.
Hope you are now fully recovered and is fighting fit for Florida and Christmas.
Take care.
"Yes, the rainbows and unicorns were shining out my butt that fine day." I'm sure that would have been something to behold. ;) The word "Poops" and "toilets," btw, is why I clicked on this post. :)

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