Hallowe'en Is Just A Reflection Of My Daily Life

I took great joy in watching two crows throw our garbage across our lawn last Thursday morning.

Because, as I watched one crow stand on our recycling bin and gingerly pick up one piece of paper after another, and throw it off the side of the box and onto the lawn, the only thing I could think of was my wonderful neighbour coming over as soon as she had a moment and picking up all our garbage so that our lawn would look presentable to her again. And that, my friends, made my day complete.

And then I wondered why the crow was doing that in the first place. The only thing I could think of was that this fine crow had, in fact, a great sense of humour. Subsequently, I wanted to meet this crow and take him out for a drink.

Mr. Handsome (who spent Thursday morning at home recuperating from his workshop, which went quite well) then ran out in his underwear and shouted obscenities at the crows, and my entertainment for the day ended. He's such a spoilsport.

Then I thought that perhaps these crows were there as a sort of omen, as crows are, if you didn't know. You know, trying to tell us something. What, I have no idea. But something for sure. Maybe that Hallowe'en was just around the corner? Maybe that we needed to tidy our front lawn? We'll never know.

My thoughts then fumbled over to my oral French test that I was scheduled to have Friday, for a government job for which I've been in the running for for the past 10 months or so. No, I am not exaggerating. These clerical positions take time to fill, don't you know. They can only choose the best of the best clerks to type forms and answer phones. Yes, I'm getting tired of it all.

So, although I'd been trying to practise my French as much as possible, and listening to French television (which is EXTREMELY strange and utterly borrrrring), I didn't feel ready for it, but I thought I'd be fine. They were, after all, simply trying to assess me. What's the worst they could do? Well, not offer me a job, I suppose.

The test went relatively well, and I should know in a few weeks what my score was. It was actually more stressful getting back to my car afterwards because it was pouring out, and I hadn't brought my umbrella with me, and I refused to get my hair wet because I was having a relatively good hair day, and those days are few and far between, so I grab them with gusto whenever they actually occur.

On a brighter note, Mr. Handsome and I took the gang to a haunted farm on Friday night, and for $19 a head, we could wander through a barn of fright, a field of screams, and a haunted hayride. Of course, Dee refused to participate in anything but the hayride, and that's only because he assumed the hayride was innocuous. HAH! The poor little child. We spent the better part of half an hour holding onto our seats as the tractor sped through dark and scary fields and forests, slowing down so that the odd ghoul and zombie could come at us. I think Dee's scarred for life.

Entering the Land of Never Return...

And then, of course, Halloween happened. This is the first year since Em was born that both Mr. Handsome and I could both stay at home and give out candy together! You could taste the excitement in our home as we looked forward to having a couple of hours of alone time, such as it is, if you can call it that. For some strange reason, we've had less and less kids coming to the door on Halloween the last few years. I was sure this year would be one of those years, mostly because of the H1N1 scare that's surrounding us, and I was right. Only about 15 kids came to the door, and most of them were too old to be trick or treating in the first place.

Em and Dee had fun going out together, which they haven't done together in a few years. This is probably Em's final year trick or treating, although she enjoys dressing up, and the candy (of course). Her costumes are always a hit.

And Dee, I'll never figure out. Because, although he shies away from anything that could even scare him a little bit, he always seems to choose the scariest costume to wear, replete with machetes and knives and lots of blood and gore.

Whatever happened to fairies and butterflies and pretty pink unicorns?


Michele R said…
I love their costumes! I had a couple years of firemen and cute dragons. But it's been many years of deranged zombies, escaped convicts, guys with screw drivers through their bloody faces, etc.
Tina said…
lol the spookier the better i say. love the costumes!

Tina from
Mummy Diaries
Game FreakZ
Gossip Avenue
Travel Shack
My wife counted over 275 treaters. I really get tired of seeing the older kids coming out so often. I swear they come by twice sometimes.
Loved the costumes and of course the write. Pleased you had a good time.

Sue said…
What an exciting Halloween! We didn't have a single trick or treater! I live vicariously through you!
It was down in our area, too. And that hayride sounds horrific! I've never heard of such a thing - it's usually the tame ride for ma/pa/grandma and kids! As for Dee and the scarey costumes, I'm thinking that the boogie man you know is not near as scarey as the one you don't! inside out, not the outside in
ReformingGeek said…
Nice costumes! It sounds like you guys had fun.

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