A Spoonful Of Song Makes The Medicine Go Down

My son does it right.

Any job he has to do, he sings. Washing the dishes (as he's doing right now as I write), he's singing a song he's made up in his head.

When he vacuums the downstairs, he sings. Taking out the garbage, he sings.

And it's not just any song. It's often a song he's totally made up, with pretend words and a tune that plays somewhere in his head. And it's always happy, and full of life.

I once asked him why he sings all the time.

"Because, Mommy, it makes the job much easier."

I'll have to remember that next time I'm on the verge of tears at my job. Singing makes it much better. Thanks for the reminder, Dee.


ReformingGeek said…
Sounds like a good idea to me.

I get too may weird songs in my head. If I started singing them, I might get some crazy looks.

Oh, wait. WHO CARES?!!
too cute and since I have some house cleaning to do after everyone was home for the week-end I think Im going to try singing while I do and see if it helps!!!
Unknown said…
Smart kid, with evident talent if he's making up his own lyrics and melody.
Michel said…
OMG he is cute! I TOTALLY sing at work! Most of the time people yell at me to SHUT THE F UP! However, today when I started Super Trooper, I had all the girls join in and then Jason started doing the Troo-pa-pa.


Paul slammed his door.

Sigh. Good day.
My 12 year old daughter does this with just about everything. The other day we asked her to go pick up some trash and she even wrote down lyrics to "What the Garbage Man Does." How very odd. And now that I think about it, the other day while I was at work I started singing to myself a little (but only half-heartedly because I thought someone would walk in on me) and I felt pretty good about things and I lost focus that it was a saturday and I was working.
I'm going to have to remember this the next time I'm standing in line at the grocery store and waiting on the one clerk who doesn't seem to know how to do her job right.
Nice to have a budding songwriter in the house.
Anonymous said…
"hi ho hi ho it's off to work we go!"
SUSAN said…
The best advice usually comes from the young ones! The next time the going gets tough I am going to start to sing!
A New Yorker said…
All the time you wrote about getting this job, the tests the location of the tests, and this desire to be at a job I kept thinking WTF is wrong with this broad? Who wants to work if they don't have to. Now you write about being close to tears. Just reminds me of the saying, be careful what you wish for. LOL ;p
Raven said…
He is so precious! And very wise for such a young man. I don't sing when I clean cuz if I do dogs bark for miles around, but I do listen to music. It does make an unpleasant task so much easier.

Have a wonderful day!

Very good idea, music is good therapy may he keep on singing.


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