Whereby I don't bother taking my camera and miss out on about 1,357 amazing shots that would have made me millions. Oh, and Happy Father's Day, dudes!

We went go-karting and mini-golfing Friday night, as part of a family fun event put on by Camp Quality. And it was lots of fun, and laughter, and all that good stuff. We even had hot dogs, chips and pop for dinner, which made the kids very happy.

I wish I had brought my camera (when will I learn?) because there were some awesome moments to capture, like when Slut put on her go-karting helmet and her face got smushed, or when Dee was speeding around the track, or when one of the kids got stuck in a cart with his legs sticking up in the air (well, it wasn't really funny because he's blind and has cancer, but then, if you can't laugh at that, what can you laugh at?). I also missed a really nice sunset. Luckily, Em at least took a photo of Slut with her ill-fitted helmet, but she couldn't upload it to my computer, so I'm screwed. You're welcome.

Meanwhile ...

* Whereby I find out that using fake tan lotion is less than I expected, and yet again, so much more than I ever wanted.

So, everyone, today's Father's Day. So, if you haven't already, go give your pop a big hug, tell him he's awesome, and grill him a burger. He'll be happy till next June. I'm going to go lay some flowers at my dad's gravesite and let him know once again that he was the best dad a girl could have.

I miss you Daddy.


Another wonderful blog Mary, I always put my camera in my bag...well it's there permanately.
only yesterday I met up with my son and three grandchildren and we accidentically came across the Home of the late Lawrence of Arabia. so I had a fantastic shot.

Have a lovely day.
Irish Gumbo said…
Lovely post, and funny.

I did have my camera, but I lost the lens cap. Fell out of my hand and went over a waterfall. The cap, not me.
meleah rebeccah said…
I always keep my camera strapped to my inner thigh like an accessory!
Annah said…
I love go-carting. That picture of you is super funny and VERY well done. Next time take a disposable and put the pics on a cd. They do it at Walgreens.

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